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We're back! After a few years, a few residential moves, a little technological experimentation, and a whole heap of music, we've decided to resurrect the label to show off a few tunes, demos, musical ideas and works-in-progress we've been stockpiling. It's good to share and we (that's me, John Mulligan of jazzBabi Productions / RIPE / FRESH! etc., and Julian Wakeling of Drifting Soul) are eager to see whether any of the old tracks still sound good to you folks and to try out a few new ones too.

The past

Under One Sky
The first NUSA Records single (released over half a decade ago!) was a summery piece of feelgood soulful house with a stirring vocal from Diane Charlemegne and it still brings smiles to faces and has been gaining us a smattering of praise online recently (which was surprising but gratifying too).

It's also still available on

and I've still got a fair few boxes of 12"s left for any of you that still buy/play vinyl.

Lift Me High
DJ Circle, out of Germany, picked up this one up from us a couple of year's back for a Miami WMC sampler, showcasing the quality output his label had to offer. With Shola Phillips taking the track back to church on the original and bunch of solid remixes offering a variety of flavas, I think it was under-rated. We include a snippet of one of the dubs below.

The present

I've been less active as a gigging DJ these last few years, but I've been gradually embracing the advantages that digital technology has brought to DJing, music production and, importantly, distribution. And, at a similar time, I kept coming across demo tracks which Julian had knocked together and a few things we'd hoped to release but abandoned, and thought many of them still sounded pretty good. So here are just a few; we've kept the samples fairly short for ease of download (although a little patience may still be required), and we'll add more later once we've trawled through the archives (and a few old hard drives)...

Demos and alternative mixes - samples:

Funky 6 (master v1, sample 1)

Got to be the music (master 1, sample 1)

It's just so easy (v2, master 1, sample 1)

Lift me high - vocal dub 2 (v2, master 1, sample 1)

Monday lover
(master 1, sample 2)

Sundried (master 1, sample 1)

The future

In addition to revisiting and revamping a few old tracks, there'll be new material to follow and we're hoping the summer of 2012 will represent a very productive season.

The mixes and comps

And, of course, I'll keep on surveying the deluge of new music released each week and compiling and mixing some of the good stuff for your uninterrupted listening pleasure...

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